Standards and the status-quo have been around forever, but the world has been shaped by those who question the rules and create their own path to create a new reality; from Eve & Adan tothose who challenge every boundary know by human kind, the world is shape by those who disobey.

We are DISOBEDIENT and we

QUESTION the rules and the status quo

ACCEPT who we are, and we accept the others

WORK relentlessly to relief the suffer of others

ARE passionate to the bones about what we believe

SEARCH the answers for those in doubt, we influence and lead

THINK about the future, ours, our family and our world

PURSUE greatness in everything we do

TRANSCEND beyond ourselves by leaving a mark in the world

CREATE our destiny


In a world homogenization, mass produced carbon copies and throw away fashion, we seek to create products that serve to express the unique spirit of the people who use then and create the world we aspire to live in, and to inspire them to become DESOBEDIENTES 

The world needs new heroes

The world needs more DESOBEDIENTES

The world needs you